Incorporate a solax (solax-portal) inverter into IAMMETER

Incorporate a Solax inverter into the virtual meter using cloud mode

Apply for a virtual meter from IAMMETER

Apply for a virtual meter in IAMMETER

Apply For a virtual meter


Bridge the data of Solax-portal into virtual meter

Virtual Meter->Edit


select "Solax-portal".


Input the SN of the "Solax-portal" and click "next step".


IAMMETER will retrieve real-time data from the Solax Portal based on the SN and display it as follows:


Choose the data source for the virtual meter

The virtual meter is a 3-phase meter, with each phase used to monitor the following data:

Phase A: solar generation

Phase B: grid meter

Phase C: battery storage

If your monitoring (Solax Portal) only includes solar generation, please select Phase A. If the monitoring includes both solar and grid meter, please choose Phase A and Phase B. If your monitoring includes solar, grid, and battery storage, please select all three phases (Phase A, Phase B, and Phase C).

From the diagram above, it can be seen that this SN(Solax-portal) provides data for both the solar and grid meter . However, I have chosen only the solar part as the data source.

Click "Save".




Coming soon...


Add the virtual meter in to IAMMETER-cloud

The virtual meter configuration is complete. Now, we need to add this virtual meter to an existing place or create a new place for it. he process is similar to this step.



Other inverters

Goodwe:Incorporate a Goodwe inverter into the virtual meter using cloud mode

Other inverters


Using Home Assistant as a bridge to transmit inverter data to IAMMETER

IAMMETER`s product :WEM3080,WEM3080T,WEM3046T WEM3050T

Connect EV charger to IAMMETER via OCPP

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