[New feature] "special load" display in the overview page

Add special load display in the overview page.


Wiring diagram to monitor the "special load"

When you use a 3-phase energy meter to monitor the single-phase solar PV system (both grid and inverter are single-phase), there will be one phase left no need to use.

Now, you can use it to monitor some special load that you are interested in.

Wiring_Diagram_ in_ Solar_ System

Select the meter type of "load"

Please select the meter type of "load" for the special load.

select the meter type of "load"


The special load on the overview page

Add "special load" in power chart

view the special power display in the power chart

Add "Special load" Kilowatt-hour(kWh) analyze in Consumption graph



Add "Special load" information in selected times analysis

Analyze the energy difference within the selected time interval from the power chart



Other reports about the "special load"

Special load power analysis

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