Low Voltage issue in phase C, and No Current in phase A and B

Hello ,

I would like to solve this issue that happened to one of my energy meter. This meter using Double CT setup with CT800A/5 as primary CT clipped into copper busbar (main aircond line for the building).

Phase A: No Current, but voltage ok around 240V
Phase B: No Current, but voltage ok around 240V
Phase C: Voltage very low around 1.1V but current ok around 200+ A.

Do you have any thought on this?

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Based on the same thought, you can also clamp Cta and Ctb in the same wire of Ctc and check whether the current reading of phase A and phase B are nearly the same with phase C .

I think maybe you have inserted the wrong wire in the Uc.
Please do this test.

1 remove the wire in Uc.
2 connect the wire in Ua to the Uc (short the Ua and Uc by a wire)
3 check whether the voltage reading of Uc is nearly the same as Ua now.
if it is still not the same, please give us a photo and let me see it clearly that you have shorted the Ua and Uc successfully.

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