3 Phase on Grid System with Battery controlling and warm water heating with exceeded PV energy

Hi i have installed 3 different PV Inverter on each Phase

The System: https://www.iammeter.com/home/share/f458a19cb39c4d0bb8ec0e016b04a177

then i use PV charger for my DIY LIFePo4  54V Battery with 870AH  3x16S and 3x 2kW OnGrid Inverter with Limiter.

and the last was to integrate a Sonoff TH16 to operate with exceeded Pover of the PV

first the Diagram:

some  Picture from the system: 


 then i installed MQTT with this idea :


with this RULES:



the next steps to optimize the systems with MQTT and more rules

br Harry


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some update:

the system: 

New 48V Charger + USV inverter:

new 48V distribution Box:

new battery arrangement :

And a new AC GRID,  DC PV and Iammeter BOX 😀

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