practical operation tutorial: trigger a real smart socket on the internet


Video tutorial: 

Remotely controlling third-party devices is a very cool feature of IAMMETER-cloud.

For example, you can switch on the smart socket when the reading of solar generation on IAMMETER-cloud is larger than a preset value, to help you improve the self-consumption rate of your solar PV system.

In order to better introduce this feature, we have installed an open-source smart socket in our office and set it public on the Internet. This tutorial will teach you to control this real smart socket plug (pre-flashed with the Tasmota open-source firmware) online.



Control the smart socket directly

Before you control the smart socket from IAMMETER-cloud, you can try to control the smart socket directly to confirm the connectivity firstly.


1. Visit (it is http url ,not https)

2. Click the toggle, then the socket can be switched On/Off online

Please note:

  1. The video frame takes about 10 seconds to be refreshed completely.
  2. The bulb will be switched On/Off (there will be a 7-10 seconds latency in the video, and you can confirm the latency by comparing the timestamp).







Control the smart socket from IAMMETER-cloud

After confirming the connectivity, let's start to control this smart socket from IAMMETER-cloud.

Create a Mqtt clinetID from IAMMETER-Cloud

  1. Set "MQTT password" and click save.

    (This is the password for MQTT connection, which has nothing to do with the password of login. Please do not use your login password here).

  2. input the name of ClinetID and click add.

The "Username","MQTT Password" and "Clientid" will be used when you configure the smart socket later.



Configure the smart socket plug by your MQTT information

  1. Configuration->Configure MQTT



  1. Fill the MQTT paramters on IAMMETER-cloud to set the MQTT configuration of the smart socket plug.



  1. click "save"

Publish the command to the smart socket from IAMMETER-cloud

Then, the status will be "Online".

  1. click "Publish test"
  2. Topic :cmnd/power
  3. Payload: 1 or 0







Control the smart socket by the preset triggering conditions automatically

Now ,we can do the final test, to control the smart socket plug automatically by preset triggering conditions.







How to get the same smart socket plug in this tutorial

Smart socket products are not our products. The smart socket in this tutorial is SonOFF products which is preflahed with the Tasmota firmware. How to get it ,please refer to



Trigger the SonOff (tasmota firmware ) from IAMMETER

How to subscribe MQTT topic from IAMMETER


Special Note

  1. Because there is only one smart socket , if two customers manipulate it at the same time, the later configuration will overwrite the previous one. we recommend to clear your MQTT information after you have finished the testing, then the next user will know that there is no one is using this smart socket now.
  2. When you do this testing, please use a simple MQTT password. After you have finished this testing, please change the MQTT password and delete the ClientID in your account.

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The complete tutorial about how to use the auto-send function in IAMMETER.

buna ziua 

am procedat asa pentru a conecta o priza MQTT si nu raspunde la comezile automate din IAMMETER,raspunde numai din tasmota on sau of

nu stiu ce gresesc

daca ma poate ajuta cineva

vreau sa conectez o priza mqtt cind este cuten mai mult de la panouri

buna ziua am procedat asa pentru a conecta o priza MQTT si nu raspunde la comezile automate din IAMMETER,raspunde numai din tasmota on sau ofnu stiu ce gresescdaca ma poate ajuta cineva

Please post a new topic for your problem ,as details as possible, thanks

vreau sa conectez o priza mqtt cind este cuten mai mult de la panouri
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