Amazingly inaccurate graphs in app and webpage,.but data correct.

Today, I reinstalled my Iammeter (WEM3080T) after it was 'on the shelf' for a couple of years. It had been previously installed and worked correctly. I updatedthe firmware to the latest version.

Both the app and the webpage are giving me strange graph readings, though the actual data seems correct (I have an RMS clamp meter which agrees with the Iammeter's data). Note that both screenshots are at the same time.

BUT the graphs are giving nothing more than rubbish compared to the actual data readings:

Also every screenshot I have taken of the graph has balanced figures as above, in that the figures are using an incorrect formula to calculate the load. 

It is quite obvious that the graphs have no relationship with the recorded data.
Any suggestions on where I go from here, please?

Before I get all those questions about installed direction of the CT clamps...

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Have you configured the meter type in the app or web system?

This is the quick start regarding how to configure the use  type of each phase

Briefly speaking,

You should configure the phase on the grid side with use type of "grid" and configure the phase on the inverter side with the use type "inverter"

You can also refer to his manual for more details

Please let me know ,whether there is an amazing change after you set the use type of each phase correctly.

Screenshot of meters setup. Unchanged from yesterday.

Also, I turned on a hotplate to establish that the CT clamp I claim to be the grid clamp (a) is, in fact, the grid clamp!

As well, I cannot see how the installation could have anything to do with data readings of 3973.0W and 5.0W showing up on a graph as 14W (see first two photos in my original post)

David H.

Please check , whether you enable the "net metering mode"

like this

If so, please disable it.

When you enable "NEM mode", the use type configuration for each phase will not work 

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