New Feature Preview: Find a More Cost-Effective Power Supplier

This feature idea stems from a discussion here.

An experienced user raised the following question:

"In many parts of Australia, it is relatively easy to switch between different power suppliers, each offering different billing templates. Can IAMMETER-cloud support more than one billing template to help customers choose a more cost-effective power supplier?"

Committed to the principle that "IAMMETER not only provides monitoring services but also helps customers create more value," this suggestion quickly caught the interest of the IAMMETER product manager. After internal discussions, we decided to offer the following features:

  1. An independent analysis platform accessible to IAMMETER-cloud registered users via username and password.

  2. Support for more than one billing template. Existing IAMMETER-cloud users can analyze the cost differences brought by different billing templates for the "place" in their accounts, supporting up to one year.

  3. Users without IAMMETER-cloud account data can also upload their hourly kWh data (tentatively through CSV upload) for billing analysis under different billing templates.

These are our initial thoughts, and we welcome feedback from users interested in this feature. We look forward to your suggestions on specific functionalities, such as:

  1. Do you think the mode of uploading hourly kWh data is reasonable? Do you have any recommended CSV formats?

  2. Should billing templates be made into fixed configuration templates, where one user can configure a billing template and upload it to the platform for other users to directly use?

And so on...


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