Modbus/RTU Protocol for IAMMETER Energy Meter (RS485)

Original link : IAMMETER Series Three-Phase Meter Modbus/RTU Protocol

Register Map

No.DefinitionRegister AddressR/WData Type and Calculation Description
1Voltage of Phase A0048HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: V
2Current of Phase A0049HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: A
3Active Power of Phase A004AHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
4Active Energy (Forward)004BH 004CHRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
5Power Factor of Phase A004DHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000
6Active Energy (Reverse)004EH 004FHRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
7Power Direction Indicator0050HReadHigh byte 0 for forward, 1 for reverse
8Voltage of Phase B0051HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: V
9Current of Phase B0052HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: A
10Active Power of Phase B0053HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
11Active Energy (Forward)0054H 0055HRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
12Power Factor of Phase B0056HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000
13Active Energy (Reverse)0057H 0058HRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
14Power Direction Indicator0059HReadHigh byte 0 for forward, 1 for reverse
15Voltage of Phase C005AHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: V
16Current of Phase C005BHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: A
17Active Power of Phase C005CHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
18Active Energy (Forward)005DH 005EHRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
19Power Factor of Phase C005FHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000
20Active Energy (Reverse)0060H 0061HRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
21Power Direction Indicator0062HReadHigh byte 0 for forward, 1 for reverse
23Total Active Energy (Forward)0063H 0064HRead4 bytes, Unsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
24Frequency0065HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/100, Unit: Hz
25Total Active Energy (Reverse)0066H 0067HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/800, Unit: kWh
26Active Energy of Phase A (Forward)0068H 0069HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
27Active Energy of Phase A (Reverse)006AH 006BHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
28Active Energy of Phase B (Forward)006CH 006DHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
29Active Energy of Phase B (Reverse)006EH 006FHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
30Active Energy of Phase C (Forward)0070H 0071HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
31Active Energy of Phase C (Reverse)0072H 0073HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
32Total Active Energy (Forward)0074H 0075HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
33Total Active Energy (Reverse)0076H 0077HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kWh
34Total Power0078H 0079HReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
35Active Power of Phase A007AH 007BHReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
36Active Power of Phase B007CH 007DHReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
37Active Power of Phase C007EH 007FHReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: W
38Reactive Power of Phase A0080H 0081HReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: var
39Reactive Power of Phase B0082H 0083HReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: var
40Reactive Power of Phase C0084H 0085HReadSigned, Value = DATA, Unit: var
41Forward Reactive Energy (Inductive) of Phase A0086H 0087HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kvarh
42Reverse Reactive Energy (Capacitive) of Phase A0088H 0089HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kvarh
43Forward Reactive Energy (Inductive) of Phase B008AH 008BHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kvarh
44Reverse Reactive Energy (Capacitive) of Phase B008CH 008DHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kvarh
45Forward Reactive Energy (Inductive) of Phase C008EH 008FHReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kvarh
46Reverse Reactive Energy (Capacitive) of Phase C0090H 0091HReadUnsigned, Value = DATA/1000, Unit: kvarh

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