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I am attempting to read modbus registers from a SCADA system(through its native Modbus TCP driver) from a meter (Single phase WI-FI Energy Meter WEM3080). Every seems to be ok, but when the energy register is reading the figures do not match against the meter. According the documentation the energy should be read, by two registers  04-05, and the value is dividing by 800. Also, the modbus poll software is used for checking, and it reads the same as the SCADA does. Please, see the picture:

Left side: Meter : 22.71 kWh

Middle side: Modbus Poll: 72688/800 = 90.86 kWh (format 32-bit Unsigned Big Endian)

Right side: SCADA: 72688/800 = 90.86 kWh

In order to check, I was changing different set ups in the SCADA, such as: order of the words  - MOST/ LEST significant- / Big endian / Little endian, but I am getting the same as Modbus Poll does. 

However, it seems that the Power register (02-03) is reading fine, which is using also two words as well.

I am not sure if I am missing something. I appreciated any help.

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The kwh factor for WEM3080 is 3200, not 800(800 is only available for 3phase meter)

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