Hola cual es el diámetro ? se puede desarmar?

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there are three types CT for WEM3080T

WEM3080T-150 ,150A CT,16mm,ratio:2000:1.

WEM3080T-250 ,250A CT,24mm,ratio:2000:1.

WEM3080T-500 ,500A CT,35mm,ratio:5000:1.

We do not recommend that customers replace the current transformer (CT) for the WEM3080T series. Even if a CT with the same ratio is sourced, discrepancies in angle error and ratio error may occur due to variations among manufacturers. These discrepancies can increase the error in final readings. Each energy meter is calibrated before leaving the factory, and replacing the CT can render this calibration ineffective.

If you require an energy meter with a replaceable CT, we recommend using the WEM3046T model. This device is compatible with any CT that has a 5A output, allowing you to select a CT that meets your specific needs, as long as it maintains a 5A output.


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