Tariff Template for French "TEMPO" by EDF

Hi there,

First of all congrats for the great job of development you did and do!

In France we have a special tariff with EDF (Electricité De France), which is named "TEMPO".

Two rules:

- we have 3 colors for days :  301 blue days, 43 white days and 22 red days per year (we only know the color the day before), with different prices: on RED DAYS we have to be VERY careful 😱

- prices are different between day : 6AM-22PM (HP - High Price) and night : 22PM-6AM (HC - Low Price)

I tried to implement it in "Advanced Time of Use Template" but I cannot set a color for each day of the year, only for each day of the week.

It would be great if we could:

- set up the prices as I did above,

- and also fill the calendar day "color", before analysing prices, like in this history below:

Thanks in advance for your help!


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"we only know the color the day before"

Can you only know the next day's electricity rate standard (green, blue, or red) one day in advance? Is it not possible to know the corresponding electricity rate standard for each day ahead of time?

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