WEM3080T measurement range and accuracy

Hi, I'm planning to buy 1 or 2 sets of WEM3080T but I'm concerned about the measurement range. My measured max current is 25A (per phase), which is typical household grid supply in Finland. However, the smallest available measurement range is up to 150A. It would make resolution and sensitivity much better if there is also option available for lower currents, e.g. max 50A.

Are you planning to offer an option with lower measurement range? There should be 50A current transformers available that directly fit to your device.

I would like to maximize the accuracy also for the smaller loads and not waste the resolution with too high measurement range.

Thank you.

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I understand your concern.
The accuracy of our product is class 1.
That means the maximum error is within 1%, when it counts the Kwh to 100, the real kwh would be within 99-101Kwh.

If we replace the CT, the ratio of the CT will be the same, which means the accuracy will not be better by replacing the CT with a smaller range.



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