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Video: Analysis of the hourly Kwh consumption.

Report: Hourly Energy Consumption

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When reviewing the hourly energy consumption report, it can help identify certain anomalies in power usage (Ex: where power consumption is unexpectedly high during periods when it should be low).

Many features can help you analyze potential energy-saving solutions. For example: high energy consumption in offices during non-working hours or significant power consumption variations in factories performing the same manufacturing tasks across different shifts.

When analyzing kWh consumption, one valuable reference is the hourly kWh usage over an extended period. This report aims to assist in scrutinizing the hourly kWh consumption on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The hourly value represents an average result over the selected period. For instance, taking the first hourly (0:00-1:00) value as an example, IAMMETER will sum all of the first hourly values within the chosen period, divide this total by the corresponding number of days, and display the average result as the first hourly value in the graph.

Monthly Analysis of Hourly kWh Consumption

Monthly Analysis of Hourly kWh Consumption

Weekly Analysis of Hourly kWh Consumption

Weekly Analysis of Hourly kWh Consumption

Hourly Consumption Analysis for a 3-Phase Energy Meter

All IAMMETER's 3-phase meters (WEM3080T,WEM3046T,WEM3050T) support both 3-phase and split-phase measurement.

This report can analyze the hourly consumption for a 3-phase meter, displaying the hourly kWh consumption for each individual phase.

Analysis of 3 phase hourly kwh consumption

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