WEM3080: no usr/pwd reqeust in web interface, no System tab


I use WEM3080(purchased on Aliexpress in December 2023, version "ATVi.75.98.66@MX1290", model "EMW1290").
All work fine except two things:
1. When I open device page in browser there is no any reuests for username and password(but in js code I can see var "var user_key = "admin";").
2. In web interface there is no any controls for firmware upgrade(in js source I can see function for firmware upgrade, but nothing for use this function in html). I see only "Basic" and "Monitor" tabs, no "System" like in screenshots in fw upgrade manual at www.iammeter.com/docs/firmware-upgrade .

I was lucky by brute force to find the name of the page with the firmware (/system.html, there I can see all tabs - Basic, Monitor and System until I click to one of firsts two tabs, then I will be redirected to default page, without System tab), and I upgraded fw to last(i.75.98.70). But still there is no requests for auth during opening device page, and no System tab in default device webpage.

In principle, I now have full access to the functionality, but what confuses me is that the behavior of the device in terms of the flashing interface does not correspond to the documentation on your website.

But if you can tell me what could be the reason for this behavior, to I can fix this(if it not right behavior), I will be absolutely happy.

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Thanks for your questions.
This is normal.

Some of the materials have not been updated in a timely manner, causing a lack of synchronization between the manual and the most recent upgrades or modifications.

1 we hide the link of the system.html in the page, but still keep this URL. That means you can not click the link to visit this page, but you can still visit the URL directly for upgrading 

.2 we removed the basic auth feature for some local pages (monitor.html) and some local APIs.

Because we provided some instant refresh function in our system recently and it needs to enable cross-site 


Thanks for your reply. I'm glad that my device works as it's supposed to :).

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