need modbus rtu manual for mapping t-wem3080t

   i want to read the data with modbus rtu serial RS485, please sent me the manual for modbus addresses mapping

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Dear laoliu,

thanks for your recommendation but i don't want TCP i want Modbus RTU.

At this moment i have it already working, i have also changed the modbus rtu adres from 1 to 20. and i am able to read all registers.

i only need 1 more thing, i need to change the parity from NONE to EVE N parity.

Please give me the hex code for this.

It is an existing bus where i need to add this meter to. So please, i don't need recommendation to use TCP i just need the hex code to change the parity from NONE to EVEN

(i already installed 30+ of these meters with Modbus RTU AND Modbus TCP, and because it are existing networks i could not chose if i take Modbos TCP or Modbus RTU  because there is already chosen for a network ;))


Appreciate the help.

Strongly recommend using modbus/tcp instead
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