About the "Personal Agent" Program

We've established a novel partnership framework between customers and IAMMETER, known as the Personal Agent program. This initiative closely resembles affiliate marketing. Only customers residing outside countries where IAMMETER already has established resellers can apply for the "Personal Agent" program.

The specific application process is illustrated in the below picture.

Personal Agent Image

  1. Upon submission, IAMMETER will process the applications received.

  2. Approved Personal Agents will receive an exclusive link and detailed information regarding the specific discount rates (1-2%) and profit margins (6-10%) allocated to their account.

  3. When customers purchase IAMMETER's products using this exclusive link, they will receive an additional discount (1-2%).

  4. Furthermore, the owner of the exclusive link will earn a profit (6-10%) from orders made through their unique link.

Rationale Behind the Personal Agent Program

Our aim is to expand awareness about IAMMETER. We believe personal recommendations hold more value than conventional advertising. Thus, we're creating a mutually beneficial model, rewarding customers who advocate for IAMMETER with incentives.


Excluded Countries for the Personal Agent Program

IAMMETER already has established resellers in South Africa, Poland, and Ireland. Therefore, we are not accepting applications from these countries for the Personal Agent program,thanks for your understanding.

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