Upgrade recently, Account Points(coming soon),how to use WEM3050T


How to utilize the WEM3050T, excluding IAMMETER-cloud

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Video tutorial

How to install WEM3050T

Account Points is coming soon

At IAMMETER, we believe in the power of personal recommendations over traditional advertising. To encourage our users to share IAMMETER with others, we're introducing Account Points.

Why Account Points Matter

  • Rewards: Earn points by recommending IAMMETER, which can be redeemed for products or used towards service costs.

  • Empowerment: You're rewarded for advocating a service you believe in.

Earning Points

  • Obtain an exclusive URL from IAMMETER.

  • Share the link; when customers buy via this link, they get a 2% discount, and you earn around 8% in points.

2. Recommending IAMMETER

  • Share your IAMMETER recommendation URL (except on IAMMETER's official forum).

  • Earn points based on the impact of your recommendation.

Submit Your Recommendations

Join us in spreading the word about IAMMETER and earn rewards for your contributions to our community.

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