Update interval and refresh rate

I am a bit disappointed with this product.

I am comparing it to the Efergy Engage  product.

1. Update interval

    It seems like the data is only updated every 60s.  I would like to have a more real-time feedback of the measurements

2. Refresh rate

    With the Efergy product, all refreshes to the app and the website are automatic and real-time.  With the IAMMETER you have to manually refresh everything

3.  Gauge display

    For my application, I would have loved to have a real (or near real-time) gauge display for at least the energy usage.  This is something you will find in the Efergy product

4. Price Performance

    I feel that I am paying a bit much for what I am getting with IAMMETER.  Effergy is better value for money.  This would also be my position in any review I might provide

So why am I not using Efergy.

Unfortunately, it seems like they either don't want to trade in the country I am from, or they are not actively in operation anymore.  I can't get some of the components or kits ordered.  And it seems like the data collection side is starting to break down, as I am getting slots where no data was recorded.  This is why I was searching for a good replacement.  I need some more devices, but with the results from this first order, it seems like the search is on again.

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Thanks for your comparison. Efergy is also a good brand. However, I think Efergy and IAMMETER provide different highlight features in energy consumption monitoring.

For your question, please see my replies below.

1. Update interval

If you use IAMMETER-cloud, the fastest upload interval is 60 seconds.
Because IAMMETER focuses on the analysis and report, all of the results are based on the Kwh difference in period(hourly, daily, monthly, yearly), not the instant power value. We think the upload 60s interval is fast enough, a faster upload would bring more service costs which would also affect the price of this product.

However, if you use your own server , the upload interval can be faster, to 12 seconds.

2. Refresh rate

we do not think frequently refreshing the app or web pages for real-time monitoring is a good option.

it will bring an extra burden for the server, so we design a specific dashboard for real-time monitoring.


3.  Gauge display

IAMMETER focus on the analysis of bill and report, Honestly speaking, the gauge effect display (like a virtual instrument) is not in our roadmap.
We can help you analyze your billing and find out the saving method, but not display the reading value more like a real gauge.

4. Price Performance

Different customer has different thoughts on the price of the product, it is normal.

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