three phase power meter in delta system (3 phase delta power meter)

IAMMETER have planed to provide 3 phase power meter in delta system. (WEM3080TD)
If you have interested in this product ,please let us know your comments or suggestions.

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does this mean the WEM3080T doesn't work if you don't have a neutral wire?

Yes , WEM3080T had been designed for 3 phase 4 wire star connection loop. (also support split phase) .

It can not work in delta connection system.
In Wye (star) connection system,  If the load is totally balanced, the neutral line will be not necessary.

If the load is not totally balanced , the neutral line is must.

Delta and Wye(star) are totally different connection mode(The difference is not only whether include neutral line or not). If your circuit loop is Delta system, you need choose another model product (WEM3080TD)

does this mean the WEM3080T doesn't work if you don't have a neutral wire?

Great to hear, but i can't find WEM3080TD anywhere to buy, can you help me finding this?

The 3-phase energy meter wifi in delta connection is only sold in our alibaba store.

You can also email our colleague who responsible for sales , they will help you to solve the purchase of WEM3080TD(3 phase energy meter for dleta connection system)

I have ordered and received the 3 phase power meter for delta system (WEM3080TD) as I don't have the neutral available in the area where I live. After installation I have added it to Home Assistant using the Modbus/TCP sensor and noticed that the Power_B (and also Import_Energy_B and Export_Grid_B) is and stays 0 (zero).

The Quick Setup Monitor page also shows this,

as does Home Assistant,

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest release, ATVi.75.98.1@MX1290, but no joy, the issue is still there.

Does someone else have this issue? Where you able to fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Phase B is used as the reference in the Delta connection system(Because there is no neutral line in the delta system)
So it is normal for the zero reading in both power and kWh for phaseB.

But from the pics, I do not know why the Net kWh reading is not equal to the sum of the phase A and Phase B

Please check whether you had opened the net energy metering mode in this way

Or you can call this API

HTTP://local ip/api/monitorjson

and give us a snapshot here (please hide the sn and mac)

Sorry for my wrong description of the Net kWh above.

In fact,

If there is a solar inverter output in your system, 

the net kWh will not equal the sum of the three phase kWh(Except the load in the system is totally balanced).

If there is no solar output in the system, the net kWh would be equal to the sum of the three phase kWh.

WEM3080TD what is the maximum voltage input for WEM3080TD?  I want to use it for 3 phase 3 wire delta power 480VAC Line to Line (L-L).  Will this work?

The maximum voltage of the WEM3080TD is 280*1.732=485V

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