My WEM3080 is no longer working after an Internet outage!

I have a WEM3080 1-phase connected to my mains, I've had it for a year or so and it has been working fine from my Home Assistant installation. I updated it a few weeks ag with the latest firmware version, so it should be on the latest version.

Earlier today my Internet connection went down and was down for an hour or so. Now it is no longer online, and I cannot connect to it. It is not available as an "access point" to connect to as I did during the initial setup either.

The device blinks green every second or so for the RUN LED, the REV and WIFI LEDs are off.

Exactly what do I do now to get it connected again? I am very hesitant to toggle my mains off and on since that means shutting down quite a bit of equipment.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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We also received an email that reported the same issue yesterday.
It also said this issue had been resolved.Yes?

please post your specific question, it is blank now.

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