IAMMETER Home Assistant integration broken in HA release 2023.10 and later

I have been using my IAmMeter with Home Assistant for over a year with no issues whatsoever. But recently it stopped working, it turns out there was a "breaking change" in HA release 2023.10 and later versions with regards to ModBus.

I have been using the integration described here: https://www.iammeter.com/docs/summary-home-assistant#modbustcp-sensor

But since the mentioned version of HA the use of the "count:" parameter in the modbus sensor configuration for the IAmMeter is causing a configuration error in HA and it will refuse to restart as the configuration check will fail.

I removed all the "count: " parameters in my Modbus configuration for my IAmMeter (pretty much identical to the example in the link above), and now  HA will restart and it looks like my IAmMeter values are OK. But since I have now modified the values in the configuration guide above I am not at all sure that everything is fine with my IAMMeter readings.

Could someone from IAmMeter please revise and update the instructions above? As I wrote above, the recommended way of integrating with Home Assistant no longer works after this month's HA update, so I think this deserves some attention from someone at IAMMeter.

Oh and please also confirm that my "fix" of deleting all the "count: " parameters from my modbus configuration will work as it should.

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Thank you very much for mentioning the bug, we removed all the "count: " parameters

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