Hello team. I went three installation and after enter my wifi setting on 11,11,11,1 and reboot : nothing

So to resume what I have done:

1- Launch app Iammeter on my iPhone

2- Connect to Iammeter network

3- I successfully access my meter and get all informations : good

4- then I connect to my wifi 5g and launch page 11,11,11,1

5- I enter my SSID and password and click "save and reboot"

6- after rebooting nothing happen

7- I try to do configuration again but now I cannot see the Iammeter network anymore.

8- I try to reboot my router, same think.

Can you please help?

thank you very much :-)

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Hello. Update.

I receive information the application now.

But impossible to connect on "LOCAL" to get my ip address. I need this to set up my home assistant. Any idea please?

thank you

Hello, no one to assist please ?


After you complete the wifi configuration and click "save and reboot", if the energy meter have connected to the router successfully ,the WiFi Led in the front pannel will be on and the AP named iMeter_yourSN will disappear at the same time.

If you want to visit the web page of the energy meter ,you need to use the its local IP, not the

The device supports ssdp ,so you can find the local IP in this way.


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