How to change the 'type' for the use of the meter

I've had the single phase Meters for some time and they have been great. I've now got solar, battery etc and would like the type to be changed so that the reports can be more efficient. I can't figure out where to change the 'type' as I only appear to have the options of single or three phase, not battery or solar etc. Or am I looking in the wrong place to change this option?


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Sorry for not responding to your question in time. 

Our functional design is such a logic: when you have multiple single-phase or three-phase meters, the usage type setting will appear on the edit page of the place. 

The reason why a single single-phase meter is not displayed is because for this type of user You don't need to care about this setting, and once you make a mistake, it will affect the logic of the program. 

Back to your question, you only need to add a new meter to the original place, and then you can perform use type settings in the place.

So I've deleted everything and created a new place. Then added additional meters and when I edit the 'new place' I now see all the meters where I can select the different types. Not obvious that this is how to setup but looks like I've got there. Pity that I've had to do this as the history of the data may have been lost which hopefully hasn't happened but will need to wait and see once everything connects again.

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