220v breakers and PV system

So could someone explain proper connection for a single phase home but where the PV system is setup for 220v? Meaning do we just clamp 1 CT to 1 of the hots, or around both, or something different? Thanks!

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This is the wiring diagram.https://www.iammeter.com/docs/wiring-diagram#21-install-2pcs-wem3080

The CT is clamped on one wire(hot wire), please note there is a direction (K->L) requirement on the CT.

Thanks for the repaste. I see the diagrams, and they are great! However I always have doubts in my head.

I think I have single phase.

2x 120v inputs. 1x Neutral

Solar PV:

2x leads across both bars (220v), 1x neutral

I have a wem3080T

--------------- Grid power ----------------------------------------------------------------

If I put 1 CT on 1 of the inputs it shows "125v".

--- wont I only be seeing the power usage on one of the bus bars? (1 of the 120v inputs) instead of both?

Should I put 1 CT on the one input, then the 2nd CT on the 2nd input? 


----  PV system -----------------------------------------------------

Ok so that leaves me 1 CT. 

The PV system has a connection to both bus bars, inputting 220v

If I put the 1 remaining CT on 1 of the PV wires, will I only be getting half the information?


Sorry to make you spell it out. Hopefully whatever you do answer helps others too.. :)

OMG. its this one. So dumb.. Thx!

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