changing monthly tarifs at end of month


Nowadays, we mostly have flexible energy contracts, changing the tarif each month.

Currently, you can only change the tarif for the coming months, or recalculate the WHOLE history, but it would be handy, if we could enter the tarif for each month.

E.g. in March '23, I'm still able to enter the tarif as it was in Januari '23, Februari'23, (but even previous years should be possible for history record) and it only recalculates THAT specific month with THAT new tarif.

if I don't change anything, it keeps on calculating with the last entered value.

It would be helpfull :-)

Thanks in advance.

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"or recalculate the WHOLE history"

Hi: In fact, you do not need to recalculate the whole history record, you can select the beginning time day of the new power tariff template from here in the below pic.

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