IamMeter Docker and Android


Does anyone have the right information to fill in the WiFi / LAN SN field for the Android application configuration when using IamMeter in docker?

Everything works fine with the x.x.x.x:5050 web app but I'm stuck with the smartphone.

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, I have not understood well about this question.

Do you mean you want to visit IAMMETER-docker with the APP?

If so , the app can not visit IAMMETER-docker .

The IAMMETER-docker is a free software that can be deployed in the server of the customer`s , if you want to visit it from smart phone, please use the mobile browser on the smart phone.

Thank you for the answer.

However, do you have a project to allow a connection from an Android application to the local docker application?




Sorry, we do not have such a plan yet.
But we had tried to optimize the IAMMETER-docker dashboard and let it be more available in the mobile browser.
So if you only want to visit it from a mobile client,the mobile browser is also an option.

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