Intervalos de tiempos sin reporte de energia

Hola, Tengo instalado un medidor y he comprobado que mi wifi (internet) falla, consultar por que el medidor muestra intermitencia al reportar al servidor de iammeter la energía consumida en intervalos de tiempo que ya pasaron, del periodo que no hay Internet? 

Consultar si el medidor tiene memoria?, si es así cuanto tiempo guarda los registros?, y en que tanto tarda en reponer la energía integrada en intervalos en que no tengo Internet .

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For the memory restriction of the MCU, this product do not provide extra internal storage.If the network is down, the instant data would be lost either.
But the kWh data is accumulative and will not be affected by the networks.
As long as the power meter is powered on,the kWh will be accumulative.

The data gap is introduced by the network changes.
It may be such cases below:
1 (most possible) the power meter loses connection to the router, for example, the signal strength is not strong enough or the router kicks the device out for some reason. The LED of Wi-Fi will be off at this time.
In this case, the power meter will enter AP mode and try to connect to the router every 10 mins. When it connects successfully again,it will be back to STA mode and continue to upload the data to IAMMETER.
So if it loses connection will the router, there would be at least 10mins that displayed in the gap,and the total time gap should be in the unit of 10mins.

You can visit the page above and check what is the signal displayed there (replace the IP with yours).

2 the router can not access to the internet during that time.

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