Alarm notification (power outage, no communication)

Is it possible to include a setting in the auto-sending settings that would allow notifications to be sent when:

1. There is no power, there is a power outage, so the meter is not energised and unable to send readings. The platform currently views this as no readings retrieved from device, no consumption.

2. There is no communication, due to loss in signal (power outage as for one above)

This setting would be of importance, particularly with time delay settings (amount of time passed since last reading received from device) of 2minutes, 5minutes, 15minutes, 30minutes, 1 hour or when data is once again received from device.

The shorter times notify users of possible power outage so as to react and find the fault or source alterative power. 

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Thank you for your suggestion. We strive to add this alarm function, without bringing greater service costs.

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