Power Factor with solar

If this question is answered elsewhere please point me in the right direction.

Single phase installtion with a 3 phase meter, all voltage inputs strapped together.

It is my understanding that in an ideal case that PF should be close to 1 (COS 0).

My graph of PF for yesterday indicates that PF is anything BUT 1 but typically more like 0.3.   It almost appears to be inverted.  All CT's have L towards Load.  

Surely I cannot have that much reactive power?  The graph is similar for other days.

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In my opinion, the PF is dependent on the load property(resistive, capacitive, inductive).
I note you use the sum option of the meter (I circle in the below pic)
This sum option is not valid in the analysis of the PF.
I guess you use the 3phase meter in split usage(one phase is used to measure the solar PV, and one phase to measure the grid exchange).
If you indeed use it in this way, there is no meaning to analyzing the PF in the sum option.
Please select each phase data independently and analyze the corresponding PF.

The sum option for the PF analysis is only valid when you use this 3phase power meter to measure a three-phase load(not a split phase usage)

Thank you.  Selecting 1 meter produces meaningful results now.

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