We have a 2-phase system where the phase are 115V 50hz and no neutral.

Is it possible to meassure both phases.

When hardware installing one on the phases should be in UN right?

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Hi :

You mean your system has two L lines, no N line, yes?

If so ,you can measure it by a single-phase power meter like this https://www.iammeter.com/newsshow/single-phase-three-wires-system

Ive made a picture of how i am planning to wire it.

I have the 3-phase meter already.

Will this work?


In fact, this system can be thought of as a single-phase system.
You can just connect one L line to Ua and another L line to the UN.
Just clamp the CTa one one L line, you do not need to clamp two CTs on both L lines, because there is only one loop in this case.
Even if you clamp to CTs on both L lines, they would be the same readings.

you can install the power meter like this 

I have now bought the WET3080, i will try it out and have the WET3080T as a spare if it does not work, i will reply with the results =)


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