I've had it for a few years now and I wasn't really following the measurements. Now I've done a closer check and I see that the measurements are completely off.
- The connections are all correct -
My equipment: WEM3080T (3x220/380v) 50 hz
My power: 220V - 60 HZ
Any ideas? should I go to another equipment?

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Please give me more information about the problem you met. Otherwise, I do not know how to help you.

Please let me know 

Why do you think the measurement result is not correct?

The more detailed the better. When you describe the problem, it is better to provide more pics than just words.

By the way,

If the energy meter is not damaged (by shipping or meets some abnormal case in use)
All of the so-called error reading is caused by the wrong installation.
So we provide this article https://www.iammeter.com/newsshow/blog-meter-accuracy

There is an easy way to confirm whether the energy meter is normal.
Connect Ua Ub and Uc together and power them from the same phase,
clamp the CTA, CTB, and CTC on the same wire.
Then compare the voltage, current and power reading of the three phase ,if they are nearly the same ,it means the energy meter works correctly.
This method is also provided in the above link


As suggested above, I expect you have the CTs and the power inputs not assigned the the correct corresponding phases  It causes weird readings.

Good morning, But shouldn't the Ua phase be connected to Ub and Uc as shown in the drawing?


Thanks for rising this question.
The WEM3080T also supports split-phase usage.

This sketch map is to use a 3-phase energy meter to monitor the single-phase system(Both inverter and grid are single-phase).
This is a split phase usage about the 3phase meter(take the 3phase power meter as three single-phase energy meters). 

One single-phase meter is used to monitor the grid while another is used to monitor the inverter .

Both voltage of the grid and inverter is synchronized in the same phase.

So there is no problem with "phase match".

Good morning,
But shouldn't the Ua phase be connected to Ub and Uc as shown in the drawing?
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