In France, the rate of the electric Energy often varies and even more during the current periods.
I was looking in the parameters, how to assign the right energy purchase rate to the right period ..... but without success


from 2022/09/01 to 2022/10/05: 0.185€/kWh
from 2022/10/06 to 2022/11/05: 0.190€/kWh
from 2022/11/06 to 2022/12/15 : .....

Would you have a method or a solution to be able to apply the good tariff to the good period (period not always of identical duration)?

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We have supported a lot of electricity billing templates here.


But no one template can cover this requirement.
I think this problem will not last long.
Please change the fixed price (per kWh) manually.

After you change the price, the current billing cycle will use the new price, the previous billing cycle would not be affected if you do not select the option of " Recalculate historical bills after saving" and click save.
Please note
Avoid changing the price on the first and second day of the billing cycle, because the previous month`s billing report is created at this time, if you changed the price at this time, it may affect the previous month's billing.  

Do not select this " Recalculate historical bills after saving"

Thank you for your feedback,
I will look into it.


Your proposal was interesting, however I know the rate of the electricity I bought only when I receive the bill, that is to say 3 months after my consumption ....

Example :

January, February, March: consumption of electricity.
April 3: I receive the invoice with :
- from 01/01/2022 to 31/01/2022 : 0,185€/kWh
- from 01/02/2022 to 31/03/2022 : 0,255€/kWh

So I can only fill in the price grid well after the consumption ....
And this way of invoicing is identical for all the French users ... !
Could you find a solution ?

This is indeed out of my understanding.
Do you mean you have only been informed of the price changes after the complete bill cycle?
If you are informed in the bill cycle , it will be easy to process in current system.(just use the method I mentioned above)

Indeed, in France, there are several types of tariff.
The most common one is the "regulated" rate which varies according to different indexes... and so I don't know the prices and the periods when they apply until I receive the bill.
So I can't fill in the tariff on the 3rd of the month as you suggested...
I sincerely hope that a solution will be found to fill in the rates by period because otherwise the price will never be really correct.


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