Connection lost with cloud services


After a while, the system no longer sends data to the cloud.

I've been trying for a few days to see the graph and the consumption of the house, but nothing appears on the application.

I see iMeter in the local network.

I upgraded to i.75.98.1(20221011), but I don't see anything on the application.

But in the Quick setup I see the values.

What can I do?

Thanks,  Misu

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This is the local page of "monitor.html", it means the Wi-Fi energy meter can do the measurement correctly.

The below pic is the page in IAMMETER-cloud, it means the energy meter never reported data to IAMMETER-cloud yet.

So the problem may occur in the network connection.
There are some possible cases.
1 do not configure the wifi of the energy meter correctly(no local IP allocated)
2 the wifi energy meter had connected to the router but was blocked to the internet by the router for some reason(there are some firewall settings in your router)
3 use the MQTT but do not configure IAMMETER-broker correctly.

Based on these possibilities, please provide such information below.
1 whether you visit the monitor.html by local IP or (please keep the URL address of the browser in the snapshot when you provide it)
2 please give me the snapshot of basic.html (hide the SN)

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