3 Phase consumption per quarter in Home Assistant / grafana

Hi all,

In my country they decided that they will calculate the monthly consumption of energy based on the quarter with the highest consumption in that month. At the end of the year, they will calculate the average consumption over the 12 months. You might expect it becomes interesting to check what the quarter with the highest consumption is. For this I made a dashboard in Grafana - Home Assistant. Feel free to use the JSON file in following link: JSON file. Of course advice for improvement is welcome as well.

A screenshot of the charts:

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:) It's my pleasure.

By the way, one can change the consumption per quarter to another time-slot by changing the time in the queries.

I expect one would also use a variable to set the time-slice, but I'm new to the whole Grafana stuff and I didn't dig into that yet.
I also was a bit (well.. a bit???) lazy. I made one chart with all consumption's, I duplicated the chart and I did hide all I didn't want to show. Probably there is a more efficient way, but the thing does what it needs to do for me ;)

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