Iammeter scan interval in home assistant



We have 2 iammeters, running in combination with Home assistant.

It is working very good.

However I would like to change the scan_interval that Home assitant polls the iammeters.

I think it is default 30s.

How can in change this?


I tried this but it doesn’t seem to work :



  - platform: iammeter


    name: iammeter_250

    scan_interval: 5


  - platform: iammeter


    name: iammeter_500


Kind regards!

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Hi if you need get the data fast ,please use the Modbus/TCP sensor in the home assistant, like this 


It supports the refresh rate up to 1s/s.

Sorry, it does not support the "scan_interval: 5" in the IAMMETER`s core integration.

I know it sounds a little strange. Let me try to explain the reason.

When we first submit the PR into the HA core integration 2-3 years ago, we want to be permitted to merge as soon as possible.
So there is just some limited function in the integration.
Even the scan interval is not supported.

After it is merged successfully, we want to provide more functions. But we found it is very difficult to merge new code (set scan interval, device discovery, selecting the device in the UI, etc...).
We had submitted many PR some time, but never merged successfully.

So we try to provide more functions in the HACS. https://www.iammeter.com/docs/summary-home-assistant#hacs-custom_integrations

But because of the existence of the Modbus/tcp (we think it should be the best option for fast request data requirements), we still have not supported the "scan_interval" setting in HACS.

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