What option to choose on RUNMODE??? I am using Home Assistant (Modbus/TCP)

Hello, if I am using Home Assistant (Modbus/TCP) what option should I select on RUN MODE? it was originally  selected the option on cloud, should it be there or should I change it to TCP or HTTP and what should info should I put on on address? thank you very much for you're help ;)

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You do not need to do extra settings when you request the data from Modbus/TCP.

if you want to upload data to the IAMMETER cloud, just keep the default option,  "cloud".

if you do not want to upload data to the IAMMETER , use the option of "HTTP" and keep the upload address blank.

More details ,please refer to https://www.iammeter.com/docs/summary-home-assistant#modbustcp-sensor

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