Monitoring two solar systems on the same grid; 2 x 3080T + 1 x 3080


any suggest how to set the meters (wiring is on picture) for correct data on yield, feed-in and load side?




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Hi Pahic:

It is easy , just add this meter also in the same place as the two 3-phase energy meters in the IAMMETER cloud. 

And select the meter type as "inverter" for this single phase energy meter.

Then the IAMMETER will sum all meters with the same meter type together(power ,kWh) to calculate the corresponding power and kWh value.



Thanks, i wait on meter (in shipping process), then will testing it.


Sorry, but i can't find the option for setting single phase energy metar as inverter type.

Three phase; yes i find

Single phase; no...

Please instructions.




Have you added all meters in one place? or different places?

This is the logic that decides whether the meter type "inverter" appear or not.

1 if there is only one single phase meter in one place, there is no meter type setting. In other words, the meter type setting is no sense when there is only one single phase energy meter in one place.

2 if there is more than one single-phase energy meter in one place (three phase energy meter will be considered as three single-phase energy meters), the meter type option will appear.
If there is at least one meter had been selected the "inverter" option, the place will be visualized in the solar pv monitoring view.

like this

If you want to monitor both grid and solar PV inverter output in the visualization mode of the above link, you need to
1 add all meters in one place
2 select the meter type of inverter for the meter that installed in the inverter side.

So, please check whether you had added the single phase energy meter together with other meters in one place.

When there is more than one single-phase energy meter in place, the setting of the meter type will appear.


i have question: where can i see the production of different meters per day? 

Single phase meter (solar side): export (production) power = ??? kWh

Three phase meter (solar side) (a+b+c): export (production) power = ??? kWh

As sample; daily yield energy = 30,5 kWh; single phase meter = 5,0 kWh, three phase meter = 25,5 kWh

Is this possible?

Daily value of different meters + total value, not graphics.



Please try this report

To select each phase of the 3phase meter (_a,_b,_c)and the single phase meter.

Because there is no sum kWh option for the 3 phase energy meter,it will display 4 lines in the graph.

Then you can export the data in CSV file and do a simple sum operation for the 3 phase kWh data.

Then you will be able to compare the hourly (daily) solar pv output of the two inverters .

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