Glitches in HA when use Modbus/TPC mode

maybe someone will help me to get rid of the glitches I'm getting in the Home Assistant.

I have 3 phase IamMeter and it works in the HA configuration:

HA entities:

Meter Grid                 -1 phase - measure Grid

Solar 1                        -2 phase - measure Solar system 1

Solar 2                        -3 phase - measure Solar system 2

Solar Production      -entity: Solar1 + Solar2 

I request data every 3 sec (I know that HA recommends a minimum of 5 sec) and am getting readings below.


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So what problems did you encounter in using it?

Solar Production -entity: Solar1 + Solar2 Is this a wem3080 single-item energy meter?

Please export the real data of Solar 1 and Solar 2 when your Solar Production had a problem.


thanks for trying to help resolve my problem but turn out that my problem was not a problem and has been resolved.
I recently upgraded my WiFi APs and haven't set them up correctly. To clarify, glitches (empty data) were introduced when WiFi initiated the client connection.

The default client session on the AP is set for 30 min.

Now my IamMeters are working flawlessly again.

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