Power vs grid consumption vs exported energy


I just connected my iammeter and I'm trying to make sense of some of the values I see:

  • I have 3 phase system with solar distributed over the 3 phases
  • I connected IAMmeter on all 3 phases
  • I can now see a negative power reading as its full sun

What I do not understand is:

  • It looks like I'm importing 9.111kwh while exporting 12.11kwh while i'm generating around 8681 watt

  • it also looks like the power view has later data compared to the grid consumption view. I can see in the power view, data from 09:45Am while in the grid consumption view the latest data is from 08am?

Fronius inverter:

Thanks for your help

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If the 3 phase energy meter is installed on the grid side, and the CT direction is installed correctly 

1 the negative power reading means it is exporting energy to the grid.

2 the hourly kWh in the graph would not be displayed in real time, it may have 1-2 hours delay.

3 the "current power" displayed in the Fronius inverter portal (inverter power) is not equal to the grid power, except there is no load at that time.

Inverter power = load power - grid power 

The direction definition of the grid power: 

import energy from the grid: positive, 

export energy to the grid: negative.

For example ,if your inverter power = 5kw, and the grid power =-3 kw (exporting energy to the grid )

it means the load power= inverter power + grid power =5-3=2kw.

Furthermore, the chart in the overview page is not refreshed in real-time. The time interval in that chart is 5 mins.
If you want to compare the difference in a time point, please use the upload record in this page


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