A very cool&open source tool- "IAMMETER`s simulator"

More details: https://www.iammeter.com/docs/simulator-intro

The idea that let us start to develop this simulator comes from this post https://imeter.club/topic/320

One of our customers tries to optimize the use of solar excess output by the home assistant. Use IAMMETER`s energy meter to monitor the solar excess output and control the Tesla charge by the Home Assistant (use the excess solar as much as possible) .

we also want to participate in this project, to optimize the control logic together. But we do not have the Tesla and inverter in our office now. So we had an idea, develop a simulator to achieve such jobs.

Through this simulator, you can get a simulated WEM3080T.

Phase A is the measurement result of the solar inverter output(This result can be completely simulated by the simulator or get from a real energy meter).

The load profile is configured in the simulator, there are different load models (fixed,timer, configurable).

Then the simulator calculates the grid consumption automatically by the solar measurement result (simulated or real) and load(simulated) profile, and outputs the result in phase B.


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