can we fix number of days for each bill?

Hello all,

My service provider is billing me each 30 days, this means that the billing day each month is shifting one or more days due to the fact that months have different number of days.

can we have the billing day start from a certain date (the date of the first bill after installation) then the billing date is calculated after each 30 days from the last billing date ?

I hope I was clear, please ask if not

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Could you please let me know which country?
I always thought the billing cycle is in units of the month(there can be different start days), not 30 days.

Let us do a simple survey in this post.
If you can find this post, please let me know
1 Is your billing cycle in units of a month or 30 days?
2 Is your billing cycle just one month or two or three months?

Saudi Arabia, the cycle is 30 days from a certain date

so for me it is 1

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