Why do I have timed power spikes ?!

Hi all,

I have recently installed the 3 phase meter on the main house breaker, since then I was getting power spikes that are 25-35 minutes apart. is this a normal behavior? 

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the power reading in the chart just reflects the load energy profile(if there is no solar utility in your system).
it seems there is a periodic load on both phase A and Phase B(the periodic "spike" you mentioned ).
Please check whether you have a such load in your system.

Or you can compare this energy meter`s kwh reading with the meter reading of your electrical provider

For example, record both two meters' kWh reading at the same time, do the subtraction then compare whether the difference is nearly the same.

You can get the kWh difference of the IAMMETER`s energy meter in this way.

This is just an example, you can select any time range you want to compare with (compare this difference with the kwh difference in the meter of your energy supplier`s meter)

thanks, you were correct, I found out that it is due to the A/C compressors cycles, I have several in my house and they cause the spikes when they turn on periodically.

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