So I've installed the meter I'm my house to test it before installing it for my clients to help me size the solar system they would require.  I'm not seeing the kw spikes when a kettle or microwave is running.  CTS are connected on the main switch and it's on single phase installation.  It does however pick up the geyser 

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please let me know the power of the microwave when it runs and how long it will last.

The minimum upload interval for IAMEMTER-cloud is 1min.

If the microwave had been running for less than 1 min, you will not see the power spike in the chart, but you will find the kWh data is varied more for the recent 1 min data. 

Furthermore,the  interval of power reading in this chart is 5 min

if you want to view the power reading chart with 1 min intervals, please use this

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