Cloud app on PC is showing apparent performance, before it was showing active, what is it? THX

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There is only active power that shows on the monitoring view in the IAMMETER-cloud.
Please let me know why you think we use apparent power.

Cloud app on PC is showing apparent performance, before it was showing active, what is it? THX


we always use the active power, not the apparent power .

Please check whether there is a meter that is offline in your place.

we will sum all meters that in same meter type and display it in the energy flow view, even if the meter is offline.
So if there are more than one power meters in the meter type of "grid",and some of them are offline , the energy flow view will not be correct.
This is why we recommend using one 3 phase energy meter than use three single-phase energy meters and sum them together(although we also supports this usage).

I use single-phase 1 pc for solar, production, (solar panel, photovoltaic) and 1 pc for network, consumption, (grid) ...

I replaced a faulty single phase meter, the wifi stopped working, I left the original current transformer (CT) there. Is it necessary to install the included current transformer (CT), are they calibrated with each other? The new single-phase meter is the same as the original ...

Problem solved, I removed traces of the original electricity meters ...

Yes, please remove the energy meter that you would not use anymore in the place.
otherwise, the system will always use its last update value as the instant value to do the sum operation, even if it is offline for a long time.
This is why we do not suggest using more than one energy meter in one place.
If you need to monitor two circuit loop in one place ,it is better to use 1 pcs 3-phase energy meter than use two 1-phase energy meters.

If you think you have to add more than one power meter in one place, please refer to this virtual site function first.

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