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Need change and connect IAMMETER to another WiFi

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The AP named with iMeter_sn would disappear after it has connected to the router successfully.
if you want to visit the energy meter at this time , please refer to https://www.iammeter.com/quickstart/wem3080-quickstart#8-how-to-know-that-the-meter-already-connected-to-your-router

Or if you move the Wi-Fi energy meter to a place that does not have the corresponding router.
it will not connect to the router of its configuration, then the AP will appear again, you can connect it and configure the new router configuration into it, like the first time.

Finally, your username has the information about your SN.
The SN is private information, we do not recommend our customers to open their SN publicly.
Please change your username.(remember this SN, delete the place in your account ,register a new account and added this SN again.)
I will also delete this topic some days later.

WiFi is connectedNeed change and connect IAMMETER to another WiFi
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