My country has taarif from kWh to kWh. How to set in dashboard iammeter?

For the first 200 kWh (1 - 200 kWh) sen/kWh21.80
For the next 100 kWh (201 - 300 kWh) sen/kWh33.40
For the next 300 kWh (301 - 600 kWh) sen/kWh51.60
For the next 300 kWh (601 - 900 kWh) sen/kWh54.60
For the next kWh (901 kWh onwards) sen/kWh57.10

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If you pay electricity expenses with a tiered rate, you can select "Tiered Rate" and enter the unit price and corresponding monthly electricity consumption.

please  refer to

Maybe you should set the electricity rates like this pic

1 select Tiered rate

2 input the electricity rates in the corresponding kWh range

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