Aumento de captura de datos.

Que posibilidad hay, de que el medidor tome los datos a menos de 5 minutos, para que el análisis de las graficas sea mas preciso,  es para usarlo en un circuito que presenta arranques de motor en intervalos menores a 2 minutos.

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Sorry, I just translated your question by google, I hope I had understand it.
1 the 5mins interval is displayed on the overview page, just to lower the press of the server when refreshing data.
2 In fact, the IAMMETER-cloud stores the data every 1 min now, we may extent the storage time in the future to 2mins or 5 mins, but now, it indeed storage data each min.

You can view the data here ,or export the data in csv file.

If you need more fast uploading , you can also consider use your own server or

poll the data via modbus tcp directly

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