Auto connect to wifi connection when disconnected.


Sometimes I lose my wifi connection. After each interruption, I have to manually restore the wifi connection in the Iammeter app.
How to do it automatically?

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The re-connection logic of the firmware is as below.
when the meter is running in AP mode(first time startup or lose connection from router for some reason, such as wifi signal weak or router failure), it will try to do the connection operation every 20 mins.
So you do not need restore the wifi setting ,it will reconnect the router by itsel

Thank you for your answer.

I have to change place o mount my Iammeter antenna.

Yes ,when the wifi signal is low, the WEM3080 will lose connection with router and switch to AP mode, then the uploading would be halt.
If it reconnect to router successful after 20 mins , the uploading would be recover.

it seems that the "20 mins gap" are obviously less than before now.
The effect of antenna`s position is very obvious.

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