Adding Historical Weather data to PowerMeter monitoring system


I just purchased and installed a meter last month, and so far I am very happy with it.

It allows me to track accurately the consumption of my heat-pump.

However, I am frustrated to not be able to compare the energy consumption with the ambient temperature.
This information is visible in the overview menu, but it only shows the current weather data. It would be great to be able to plot this next to the power consumption.

The same goes for the energy production, the ability to compare solar production with the  weather (sun/clouds/rain) and light intensity would be pretty neat.

Thanks, Max

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So glad to hear that you like our products and system.

This idea is interesting, but the API of weather we used now is a free service , which has a limited calls every day.
If we find a proper api service later, we will consider provide such analyze report .


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