Home Assistan Energy display data is not correct.


I have a WEM3080T 3 phase enrgy meter, i got my token, and i set my HA, this link.:


The problem is, the two software data is not equal, i think the formula miscalculates,.

I think the formula miscalculates.

Your site data this day, 12-11-2021 21:55

My Home assistant data this day 12-11-2021 21:55

All sensor data is wrong.

I don't know what makes the difference, can you help what is the problem?

Thank you for your fast reply.

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In fact, this is because that home assistant seems calculate the first daily kwh as this formula.
the last kwh data of the first day - zero.

In fact,the proper formula should be the last kwh data - the first kwh data.

You can get the first and last kwh from this page in IAMMETER-cloud

You can find this passage here: 


Sensors created with this integration are persistent, so values are retained across restarts of Home Assistant. The first cycle for each sensor will be incomplete; a sensor tracking daily usage will start to be accurate the next day after the integration was activated. A sensor tracking monthly usage will present accurate data starting the first of the next month after being added to Home Assistant.

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